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Stela Tasheva

arch.Stela B.Tasheva: PhD, Institute for Artstudies, Bulgarian Academy of Science; member of “The Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria”, “The Union of the Architects in Bulgaria”, and ICOMOS.

5 architectural exercises for novices in Bulgaria



A. Viewing a building's backside:
Think unusual combination of green and black windows and beige striped etalbond in pyramidal structure, or something like that, cheers up the city view? Great! Now please look at building on her backside. If it is stucked between two others - evem better, surround them and also see their backs. If no third direction from which to look at the building- try to determine its enter. Now repeat with at least one more entrance or exit point.
Result: Improved spatial reasoning and perception of space in the search for conformity of form and color of the front and backside. Jogs up leg muscles.
2. Enter the building.
Recommended for large, new and /or previously unused buildings. Includes search of entrance of the fence and patio. If someone first shows, the experiment is compromised, so just try to go inside of what you  independently defined as input or which you think that is labeled as such.
Result: Improved logical thinking and ability to orientate. Improving communication skills while asking for entrance. Jogs up leg muscles.
3. Find a cafe and WC facility in the building:
To be carried out in universities, goverment buildings, department stores and malls, cinema complexes and buildings in similar scales. It is good to put a timer on entry to mimic an urgent need for a toilet. You can run with a group of friebds and make a race.
Result: Improved logical thinking and ability to orientate. Improves self-esteem after the task is completed. Jogs up leg muscles.
4. A bird's eye view of a building.
Do not use Google Earth. The tasks consists of two steps: selecting a high point above the building and climbing on that higher point. In very extreme cases where such a point does not exists, refer to a 3D - designer to make a model of the building and give you to look at it from above. To pay him, save with snacks.
Result: Improved logical thinking and ability to orientate. Improves architectural thinking in seeking compliance by what the architect have seen making the roof and what you have seen from below. Jogs up leg muscles or reduces cholesterol.
5. Find a building.
Proper execution if no exact address, but the presence of verbal description and long streets, overpasses and underpasses. If you drive, you can use the building street number. Once you find the building, go and find a parking space. Then go to the walk phase. If you are walking you can give descriptions of the building to passersby about you. After more than two contradictory directions, return to the car.
Result: Improved memory and ability to count. Improving communication skills in conversation with bystanders. Jogs up leg muscles.

Visual Metaphors in Architectural Graphic and Genesis of Innovations

Abstact submission in ICSVC 2011 (1st International Conference on Semiotic and Visual Communication) 25-27 Nov 2011Title of paper: Visual Metaphors in Architectural Graphic and Genesis of InnovationsArchitectural graphic is an accurate technical sign system, that is part of all phases of design proc ...


/abstract for presentation in AISV 2010, Venice, in „RETORICA DEL VISIBILE, convegno dell’Associazione internazionale di semiotica visiva AISV-IASV, p. 63-64/The subject of this report are certain aspects of the visual rhetoric of architectural graphics created between XV-XVII century.During t ...

ICOMOS - Bulgaria


BNC of ICOMOS was found in 1960 right after the establishment of ICOMOS.


Bojenci, Gabrovo, Bulgaria


Architectural and historical reserve of Bojenci, Gabrovo, Bulgaria

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The History Museum – Panagyurishte

Self-dependent exposition hall for exhibitions built in 1986; Dudekov’s House Museum – architectural historical monument of national importance built in the middle of the XIX century; Dzhunov’s House Museum – the thematic exposition The Goldsmith School of Panagyurishte is situated in it; Blue Hadzh ...

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WhAT Association are an architectural group.
In this blog they write about architecture and non-architecture.


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