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ruben garcia rubio

Rubén García Rubio (Zamora, 1980), is an architect from the Universidad de Valladolid (2006), Master in Architectural Restoration at the Univeridad de Valladolid and he also followed the Architettura/Storia/Progetto Master at the Univesitá degli Studi Roma Tre. He is preparing his PhD thesis at the University of Valladolid and Roma Tre called: “Apa... / More

Arnold Newman: Masterclass

Arnold Newman, Salvador Dal&i’, painter, New York, 1951. Gelatin silver print © 1951. Arnold Newman/Getty Images.October 23, 2014–February 1, 2015 Arnold Newman (1918–2006) was one of the most productive, creative, influential and successful portrait photographers of the twentieth c ...

Reactivate! Indira van ’t Klooster from A10 lectures at MFA


Open lecture by Indira van’t Klooster, editor-in-chief of A10 architecture magazine
Monday, 5 May at 18:00
Museum of Finnish Architecture, Kasarmikatu 24, Helsinki.

Indira van ’t Klooster, editor-in-chief of the esteemed Dutch architecture magazine A10, will visit Finland and lecture about the latest developments of European architecture at the Museum of Finnish Architecture in May. Van ‘t Klooster’s lecture will give an introduction to the ideas of the rising generation of Dutch architects who identify themselves as active participants in the society within the existing financial context. The new collaborative modes of action topical in the Netherlands include e.g. community architecture, recycling and participatory design. Van ‘t Klooster will examine these new trends against the backdrop of corresponding phenomena in other parts of Europe. The evening will end with an open discussion and the audience is welcomed to share their findings of the Finnish architectural viewpoint.


Who will stop the waterfront behemoths?

STEPHANIE LAMY/AFP/GETTY IMAGES//The waterfront in Vancouver, whose redevelopment culture supports quality planning and quality design.IT IS obvious from Shirley Leung’s column (“This developer’s prospects may be looking up,” Page A1, April 18) that Leung, developer Don Chiof ...

2014 Honors and Awards Luncheon

11:30 AM - 2:00 PM WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23Cipriani Wall StreetCelebrate design excellence at AIA New York's Honors and Awards Luncheon, to be held April 23, 2014 at Cipriani Wall Street. The Luncheon will celebrate the recipients of the 2014 AIA New York Design Awards, Medal of Honor, Award of Merit ...

Architects Remember the ’64-65 World’s Fair


Image courtesy Alexander Gorlin//Architect Alexander Gorlin's drawings of the 1964-65 World's Fair showed early promise. Here, the Unisphere, a 12-story high, stainless steel globe in Queens, New York's Corona Park.
Fifty years ago, designers-to-be were inspired by architecture's possibilities when they saw the fantastical pavilions in Queens, New York.
Fifty years ago this month, an architectural wonderland opened in Queens, New York-the 1964-65 World’s Fair that Robert Moses created to bring millions of visitors to Flushing Meadows and raise money to build a permanent park there. Unlike several earlier fairs, notably the 1893 Chicago exposition, with its all-white neoclassical confections, Moses’s effort lacked an architectural through-line; 140 exhibitors did pretty much what they pleased. That meant the sprawling fair lacked visual coherence, but also that companies and countries competed to attract visitors, if not with high architecture than with garish architectural gimmickry, including bright colors, odd shapes, and novel materials.

Total Makeover: 5 Questions To Patrik Schumacher


Patrik Schumacher, Director at Zaha Hadid Architects

Here he argues for a total makeover of the built environment and wonders if Rem Koolhaas really understands Zaha Hadid’s work. But he also reiterates how he is intrigued by Rem’s Biennale approach and confirms that ZHA will participate. He was interviewed via email by anOtherArchitect, Daniel Dendra.

1a) Dear Patrik, you initiated an important discussion on the status of architecture on Facebook where you are very active. You take up the cudgels for contemporary architecture against a nostalgia for the twentieth century, for its debates and its ideologies. Again and again we hear that architecture critique is dead and the internet and social media is to blame.

Roam like a flaneur
PS: I love Facebook as much as I like urban spaces; both are multi-purpose spaces of simultaneity where many interactions take place – in view of each other – inviting participation. You can just observe like a voyeur, as well as draw attention to yourself, roam like a flaneur – seeing and being seen – provoke, debate, flirt, and be serious too. I feel the urge to share and discuss my thoughts and concerns and the feedback helps to reflect and guide further action.

I think urbanism, architecture and design were never as exciting and challenging as today; as cities mushroom into dense megacities and as our mobile devices set us free to roam the urban environment (rather than remaining locked behind our desktops). This new societal dynamic cannot be catered for by the urban and architectural recipes of the 20th century, nor can we flourish within this new world with the ideologies of the 20th century.

1b) But how can we lead a lively debate about contemporary buildings?

PS: By not only posting images but perhaps adding a phrase or two about why a certain building or design appeals to you; this is not always easy as our reactions are often intuitive. But I have acquired the habit of trying to understand which features and characteristics captivate my interest and induce my infatuation, and the next question is: should I love this design? How can I rationalize my preferences?


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