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ruben garcia rubio

Rubén García Rubio (Zamora, 1980), is an architect from the Universidad de Valladolid (2006), Master in Architectural Restoration at the Univeridad de Valladolid and he also followed the Architettura/Storia/Progetto Master at the Univesitá degli Studi Roma Tre. He is preparing his PhD thesis at the University of Valladolid and Roma Tre called: “Apa... / More

Build cargo drones, get rich


By J.M. Ledgard

“Roads! Where we’re going we don’t need roads!”

Back to the Future

MBALE, Uganda-My goal is to help set up the world’s first commercial cargo drone route in Africa by 2016. It will be about 80 kilometres long and will connect several towns and villages. The first cargo drones will carry small payloads of blood to keep alive children who would otherwise perish. But they will evolve into larger and heavier craft until they can lift 20 kilos or more over distances of several hundred kilometres. The purpose of the first route will be to save lives, show the value of cargo drones in Africa- and to raise money to build other routes. To me, this first route is a spectral version of the Liverpool and Manchester railway.

I am a novelist, but I am also director of a future Africa initiative at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and for the last decade I travelled Africa as a foreign correspondent for The Economist newspaper. I was one of those who reported that Africa is rising, not falling. I want to detail here what I mean by cargo drones and the reasons why I think throwing up time dependent goods into the sky and moving them about with a flying robot is a good idea in Africa?-?and beyond.

1: The future will be radical

The first point to make is that, even if we deride change, even if we stand still, shielding our eyes, covering our ears, the future will be radical. I spent my time as a foreign correspondent reporting on politics, economics and war, but I came to see that the most important stories in Africa were not news stories at all. On the one hand, rapid human population growth and extermination of other species. On the other, introduction of advanced technologies capable of reordering time and space....Continue Reading

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 9/29/2014 5:27:37 AMgranpapee
indeed........we dont need roads for this !

Edge Condition:VOL.3 - Art & Architecture is Out Now!

Editors’ noteRendell’s 2006 seminal text Art and Architecture has the subtitle of ‘a place between’, a fitting theoretical springboard into this issue on the two praxes and how they interact and also for EDGEcondition as a publication that looks at what is in the spaces betwe ...

Looking at Life Inside a Skyscraper-Turned-Squat


A photograph from Alejandro Cegarra’s ‘The Other Side of the Tower’ (all images courtesy Alejandro Cegarra)

In a little under a decade, the Centro Financiero Confinanzas, or “Tower of David,” in Caracas, Venezuela, has achieved almost mythical status. After being dreamed up by billionaire David Brillembourg in 1990, construction halted on the building in 1994, when a third of the country’s banks failed. In 2007, squatters spurred by then-President Hugo Chavez moved in. The skyscraper became a poster child for Latin American poverty and crime - documented in The New Yorker, immortalized on Homeland.....Continue Reading


BIM 5D Services

BIM 5D Services is a leading Building Information Modeling firm based in India. Our Goal is to facilitate our customers plan and build better projects by saving construction costs and time through implementing the entire potential of BIM. We have called for cutting edge technology, sharpened it, and ...

A Crash Course in Cinephilia

Once considered obscure, films like 'Metropolis' are now staples in most film-lovers' libraries. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and SciencesIn 2011, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art tried something new: It presented an exhibition devoted to the filmmaker Tim Burton. Given the institu ...

brick house


Romanticizing Rail Is No Way to Save Amtrak

"American Railroad Scene," a Currier & Ives print, 1874. (Library of Congress)The #AmtrakResidency program bolsters the notion that train travel is a ponderous luxury, not a useful public good.Maybe I'm just jealous. Amtrak has announced the 24 winners of its inaugural#AmtrakResidency ...

Architecture on Film: The Airstrip: Decampment of Modernism, Part III + Q&A

The Airstrip: Mercado de Abasto Shopping Centre (1934) by Viktor Sulcic in Buenos Aires, Argentina. © Filmgalerie 451 & Heinz EmigholzWeds 8 October, 7pmCinema 1, Barbican Centre, Silk St, London, EC2Y 8DSThe Airstrip offers experimental filmmaker Heinz Emigholz’s latest investigation of ...

Revolutionary politics and thought

Classroom at the University of Lyon with markings on wall reading "DE L'HISTOIRE KARL MARX," made during student occupation of parts of the campus as part of the May 1968 events in France.Chris Cutrone, Samir Gandesha, Nikos Malliaris, Dimitrios Roussopoulos, Joseph SchwartzNo coarser ...

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