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ruben garcia

Rubén García Rubio was born in Zamora (Spain) on January 22, 1980. He graduated in Architecture at the Valladolid School of Architecture (ETSAV) in 2006 where he was distinguished with Honors in his final project. Master’s Degree in Architectural Restoration form Valladolid University and Roma Tre University and Postgraduate Diploma in Ar... / More

Buildering:Misbehaving the City


Feb 28 - Aug 18, 2014
Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center
44 East 6th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Buildering, a fusion of "building" and "bouldering," is a word used to describe an unorthodox use of architecture. For their 75th anniversary, the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center plans to take this concept to new artistic heights with the help of artists from all over the globe, including France. The works of Didier Faustino (France/Portugal), Etienne Boulanger(France), and Ivan Argote (France/Columbia) is in this modern scheme to turn Cincinnati and CAC's modern building into a contemporary urban playground.

Didier Faustino (b. 1968) currently lives and works between Paris and Lisbon. He is known for his capacity to summon "art from architecture and architecture from art," using architectural spaces as launching points for a recentralization of the human body and social context.

Etienne Boulanger (1976-2008), was primarily occupied with creating unique interventions in urban environments. A nomadic artist, Boulanger would wander through cities, and focused his work on the re-appropriation of transitory zones.

Ivan Argote (b. 1983) lives and works in Paris, using a variety of different media including paintings, video installations, performances, computerized works, and sculptures. He is also very well known for his urban interventions, and often seeks to criticize human passivity in his projects

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Pros and Cons of a Flat Roof


Are you planning to have flat roof, Flat roofs are more simple and generally consist of joists but still having some cons, Read Pros and Cons of flat roof.

Home Builders Columbus Ohio


Rockford Homes is the leading home builder with range of houses, condos and homes for sale in Ohio. Call (614) 785-0015 to have a look at our homes for sale in Columbus and all of central Ohio today.

Book review: ’Bricks & Mortals: Ten Great Buildings and the People They Made’ by Tom Wilkinson

Virginia Woolf’s classic essay “A Room of One’s Own” isn’t really about architecture. Woolf was concerned with the social and economic constraints that enabled men but not women to be celebrated writers; she imagined what might have become of “Shakespeare’s ...

Is it balls, vagina, or both? Airbnb logo sparks wave of internet parodies

Airbnb's new logo … What do you see? Photograph: AirbnbThe apartment-rental website launches its grown-up logo to a wave of ridicule – as well as claims of plagiarism...Continue Reading> via The Guardian ...

Rural Houses in Palestine

Book: Rural Houses in Palestine - Jihad Awad (in Arabic) ???? ????? ?? ?????? - ???? ??? First Edition 2012, Publisher: RIWAQ Ramallah, Palestine Editor: Jihad Awad & Khaldun Bshara, ISBN: 978-9950-303-12-6 Rural Houses in Palestine focuses on the architectural heritage in rural Palestine, and prese ...

Zumtobel Photographic Competition

The 2014 Zumtobel Photographic Competition is now open for entries. Sign up now for your FREE camera to take part and win some fantastic photographic equipment.> via ...

A Glamorous New Furniture Collaboration from Two L.A.Design Luminaries

Highlights from Videre Licet, the new furniture collaboration by Daniele Albright and Stefan Lawrence, include the Wooly Bella chairs (left) and the Subtracted Cube chair.Credit Daniele AlbrightPresident Obama sits behind a custom walnut desk of their design in his private study, and François ...

Wait.You can trademark the layout of a store?


Apple won a legal victory yesterday when the European Court of Justice ruled it could trademark the layout of its stores, just as it has in the US.

But how does that work? Quartz headquarters basically consists of long white tables covered in Apple products-are we infringing? It turns out we are not, mostly because the legal standard in question-whether a consumer could reasonably mistake our office for an Apple store-isn’t going to be met. But more importantly, Apple’s US trademark, officially granted last year, is the result of a nearly three-year process of refinement to ensure that it wouldn’t protect functional items (i.e., you can’t trademark tables in your store) and that, altogether, it comprises a unique identity. Here’s exactly how the trademarked layout pictured above is described, in rather excruciating detail:

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