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Malamulo Banda

INMITGIM blog looks at simple unique house and commercial contemporary designs that have stood out as potentially different in style as well as function, offering a new direction in todays modern architecture.

The Harrison Residence

Harrison residence by Scott Allen Architects
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Adobe Architecture

Adobe Architeture involves construction using a type of brick called adobe it is really made of earth, it gives a building a natural earth look. A good example of this style is seen in the building of the Zambezi sun hotel in Livingstone, Zambia. I hope this works considering this is a multi storey ...

Adobe Architecture Examples

I love the consistency in texture. no grooves
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Life is about change, Change is always about setting new boundaries at every stage, setting new boundaries means drawing the lline, in all you do

aim to "DRAW THE LINE" _______________________ on paper and in life!!

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