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ar2com - architecture to communications
jula-kim sieber

is head architect at the international award winning architecture firm ar2com - kommunikative architektur aus darmstadt based in darmstadt.She is researching on www.blog.ar2com.de and translating theoretical stuff into real spaces at www.architektur.ar2com.de.In 2012 her first summer academy PoolPlay about artistic research on SPACE and TIME took p... / More

internship at ar2com in Darmstadt Germany


You want to see how architecture takes forms - from A to Z?

We are right now looking for an intern at our office ar2com - kommunikative architektur aus darmstadt. You can find us as well on facebook. Have a look at our project and philosophy if it appeals to you please apply with your portfolio of projects and personalia (1xPDF max 1GB) to our email architektur (at) ar2com.de

Artistic Research on SPACE and TIME

PoolPlay = an international, interdisciplinary summer academy with artistic researchCreatives fill an empty swimming pool (im)materially. Space and time are designed by architecture, music and dance/theatre. The PoolFillment is a presentation of the research results at the end.Please spread the word ...

Apply to interdisciplinary Summer Academy PoolPlay

Creatives fill an empty swimming pool (im)materially. Space and time are designed by architecture, music and dance/theatre. The PoolFillment is a presentation of the research results at the end.Facts :what ? a summer academy for artists, musicians, dancers and architectswhen ? 08/09/2013 – 15/ ...

PoolFillment - SAT 15/09 final performance of the interdisciplinary summer academy PoolPlay

Creatives fill an empty pool after artistic research on SPACE and TIME designed through DANCE, MUSIC and ARCHITECTURE.After a short week of intensive work, exchange and artistic research on SPACE and TIME we will perform it: the swimming pool, our creative workshop during the week, will be on Saturd ...

dance .music .architecture > interdisciplinary communication

a workshop during the 46. FERIENKURSE FÜR NEUE MUSIK in Darmstadt. We have the Open Space 2 reserved in Morneweg Schule this Saturday at 2 pm.The workshop is open to anyone interested in interdisciplinary communication and research about SPACE and TIME. Bring instruments, bodies and paper!https ...

Interdisciplinary workshop in september in Italy

PoolPlay = Creatives will improvise a performance in an empty swimming pool > artistic research about SPACE and TIME designed by music, dance and architecturehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=fHt9VvxgfvA ...

Apply now to the INTERDISCIPLINARY summer academy PoolPlay

09/09 until 16/09/2012 PoolPlay = creatives will fill an EMPTY swimming pool (im)materially. space and time are designed by dance, music and architecture. a final performance in the swimming pool in front of the public will be our reward!The tutors are:Günter Baby Sommer > musicDouglas Bateman ...

Summer Course PoolPlay 09/09 until 16/09/2012

Panta Rei = Change is everywhere > PoolPlay is making a change.PoolPlay is going through a metamorphosis and is jettisoning unneeded cargo overboard: instead of the over-the-hill party we go to the bottom of the pool, the plunging time gets reduced to one week. PoolPlay becomes swifter, more concret ...

target group and location

PoolPlay is a summer academy for creative human beings who would like to train or better their interhuman, intercultural and interdisciplinary skills during a playful, palpable project. Handicaps like low language skills are understood as challenge to achieve a fully developed communication between ...

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