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Johan van Dijk

How do you feel about the Histograms by Fabio Novembre


Fabio Novembre: "In statistics, a histogram is a graphical representation of a frequency distribution. I tried to convert it into an abstract art of comfort by diagrams shaping under human frequencies. Earlier in 1971 a study done by Superstudio, under the name "Istogrammi di architettura", and the connection with the spirit of that time was very inspiring to me. The word histogram is derived from Greek: histos, "something straight" (as the masts of a ship, the bar of a loom, or the vertical bars of a histogram), and program, "drawing, report writing". Novembre used histograms as a tool for designing an alternative home landscape. "

I myself find it a great set and many people I showed this set were impressed as well. One couple I spoke were going to buy a set for their new home in Amsterdam. Only a couple of people found it: Nice design - but the name sends a chill down my spine.

Just arrived in Bulgaria

At the opening of "Just arrived: Dutch Design"

Az i mojat kufar, local crafts versus Dutch Design at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam

Suitcases were situated in a small gallery in Bulgaria and got filled with local crafts products.

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