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Guy Dessauges

  October 13, 2014 - 19:23   4869     Submitted by berrin chatzi chousein

Swiss artist Guy Dessauges, a sculptor and painter,proposed a ''tube housing tower'' in 1960s and he discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this idea below:


image source:Pinterest/Tine Claerhaut

Since the votes ancient cellars and Roman art, the concept has remained mis-path. A semicircle. The vote resists much larger than the flat ceiling pressures. For the same quality of materials. I got asked why we could not use the cylinder to build a house. The only problem was the diameter of the cylinder. You had to have a large enough diameter to install two floors. The idea is crystallized in ten minutes. 

I built a model and the scale of the characters. Both formats have enough Unable rapidement.Le diameter of 6 meters and that of 8 meters. Both diameters are suitable to a human being 180 cm. By manufacturing models I and rflchissais dsavantages many benefits of the cylindrical shape. I dcouvris pretty quickly that I should consider advantages. 

image source:andreasangelidakis.blogspot.com.tr

Any attempt to decrier the disadvantages, would destroy the idea in the bud! The cylindrical shape is extremely strong, whether in concrete or polyester

image source:andreasangelidakis.blogspot.com.tr

Idea for a tower of prefabricated housing in tubes

I opted for the polyester: polyester between two arm plates (laminated) of textile glass, a layer of polyurethane foam of 30 centimeters would isolate perfectly the cylinder. It not n'tait Necessary to invent a new hardware or a new system of construction. Everything was already.

image source:andreasangelidakis.blogspot.com.tr

by Guy Dessauges, Zurich 1960s

In polyurethane foam would install the cables and pipes for viability. The curve would place cabinets. The interior would look like a normal house.  
FOUND The diameter was required a length. After some calculations I dcouvris that if I cut the cylinder through an angle of 45 degrees I had two balconies well exposs the light 

image source:andreasangelidakis.blogspot.com.tr

Another advantage, if I turned on the cylinder itself, the whistle gave shade the facade. In a jiffy, I had several adquates solutions. A model for the North and one for the south! This gave me the length of the cylinder for optimal light to the bottom of the cylinder.  
The rear part o was the kitchen and between left cut right angle. Once finished the first model I realized that my idea was an idea of engineer, not an artist's idea! 

I thought c'tait an advantage for raliser a prototype heavily ... I was wrong! 

image source:andreasangelidakis.blogspot.com.tr

To learn more of this story read Volume 2 and 3 of my memoirs! A good idea that comes at the wrong time and the wrong place has no chance!

From 1964 1968 I lived adventures thunderous seeking raliser this idea ... That alone was worth it ... I just abandoned in 1969 because I was in priority than a living, which is not easy in my beautiful country, and everywhere aillor finally.

8 meter diameter

6 meter diameter

> via andreasangelidakis.blogspot.com.tr guy-dessauges.com


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