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AMO sets linear metallic-coloured ramp for 2017 SS Prada Men’s and Women’s Show

Italy - Jun 21, 2016 - 11:44   5192 views

AMO, the research branch of OMA, designed a linear metallic-coloured structure for 2017 SS Prada Men’s and Women’s Show. AMO conceived new catwalk as a 'stratification of architectures', which creates a psychedelic effect throughout the space. The studio used the remnants of its design from the previous show on the periphery of the room as foundation and visible background for the new scenography, but the center is freed to host the new set.

Image © Agostino Osio

Prada, an Italian luxury fashion house, presented 2017 Spring Summer Men's and Women's collection as part of Milan fashion week. AMO's design was a new spatial experience for Prada's catwalk to elevate the structure with the whole metallic coloured sloping ramp that introduces the interior in multi-layered composition- both visually and structurally. 

Image © Agostino Osio

The central element in the space is a linear structure, which divides the room and amplifies its perceived proportions. A straight ramp, between the inserted ceiling and floor, serves as catwalk, while tribunes are arranged along the perimeter to accommodate the guests. 

Image © Alberto Moncada 

A continuous metallic surface folds around all the elements of the set: generating an abstract layer, composed of meshes with different patterns and dimensions that overlap to recreate a total space. The transparency of the cladding material unveils the underlying framework with Cartesian precision. 

Image © Agostino Osio

The psychedelic glow that spreads throughout the space dematerializes all the surfaces, coloring the room, now reminiscent of a post-human scenario. The models walk in the center at a controlled distance from the audience, virtually levitating in the space. They ascend onto the elongated slope of the ramp incessantly, disappearing towards the vanishing point.

Image © Agostino Osio

Prada has been collaborating with AMO and OMA for many years. Last year, AMO designed a golden-metallic podium called 'Timeless Ruin' for 2016 SS Miu Miu show held in Paris, France. Most recently, AMO graphically reinterpreted Prada's 2016 SS Collection with a short film, merging the collection with graphic and visual imagery through collage and hand-drawn shapes. 

Image © Agostino Osio

Image © Agostino Osio

Image © Agostino Osio

Project Facts

Location: Milan, Italy

Client: Prada

Year: 2016

Status: Completed

Program: Scenography

Partner: Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli

Team: Giacomo Ardesio, Saida Brückner, Giulio Margheri

Top image © Alberto Moncada 

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