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A luxurious residential tower rises in the area of Bushnell Park, Hartford, CT. Up to that point, the concept is focused on creating a unique vertical neighborhood, that is distinct from the norm for the skyline of the city. The twisting form is very challenging for such concise area, but the reasoning for having such shape is to give the residents of each apartment a different perspective to view the city. For a thin skyscraper amongst the few but giant Hartford high rise buildings, it has to grow and evolve such as a new seed in a planter.





Technical data

The project site is before the Bushnell park in Hartford city, CT. Site Area 3500 sq ft. Floor Plan Area 2450 sq ft. Core Area 530 sq ft. Apartment Area 1920 sq ft. Floor to floor height 10 6" Total building height 505

Project team

Fahed Y. Baker


Rated 20 times

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