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c. anjalendran
Sri Lanka

Anjalendran did his architectural B.Sc in Sri Lanka (1973), and completed his post-graduate diploma (1976) and a research masters (1979) in spatial morphology at University College London. Returning to Sri Lanka, he next practiced architecture off his mother’s veranda, but did errands of apprenticeship for the grandmaster of Sri Lankan contempo... / More

Uludag Architecture


Uludağ Architecture, as a company, professionally gives architectural and engineering services, planning, feasibility, consulting and site supervision.Uludağ Architecture was established in 1988 by Orhan ULUDAĞ and Zeynep ULUDAĞ.Both architects are graduates of Middle East Technical University, Department of Architecture.Beginning from the early years of the company they designed and constructed several buildings of different size and function.Since 1994, besides designing and preparing complete architectural projects, they have been working on planning, construction and decoration projects, giving consultancy and technical assistance and conducting implementation control.After 2000 as well as architectural designs they became experienced in all architectural and engineering projects, infrastructure and tender document preparations.Today Uludağ architecture is practicing professionally with dynamic and experienced staff, qualified supervisors and experienced partners.Uludağ Architecture established and applied ISO 9001 Quality Management System.Since that time, they have been undertaking several architectural projects, consultancy and technical assistance with their experienced and qualified staff.


wai Corbusier and Pierre JeanneretThe Indian Architecture Authors: Sarbjit Bahga and Surinder BahgaLanguage: EnglishPages: 378Size: 8.5”x11” (Paperback)Photographs: 404 (B/W)Illustrations: 121 (B/W)ISBN-10: 1495906256ISBN-13: 978-1495906251Publishers: Createspace Ind ...

Trading Parking Lots for Affordable Housing

‘9 x 18’ Plan Ties Development Rules to Public BenefitsBefore Current parking at a superblock-size East Harlem housing development.CreditPeterson Rich Office/Sagi GolanWhat is the solution to affordable housing in New York?One number has been repeated over and over - 200,000 subsidized u ...

App Lists Exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Christoph HitzSree Sreenivasan, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s chief digital officer, provides helpful criteria for someone looking to evaluate the museum’s new app.“What we think about is kind of the before, during and after experience,” he said. “Before they come, t ...

On the beach: memory, modernity and how an émigré’s artistic vision built an English seafront


The De La Warr Pavillion is a modernist classic. But the legacy of its co-creator, Serge Chermayeff, says everything about the English coast as a place of identity, exile and reinvention

“Bexhill is a really boring place,” my boyfriend warned me. “The only interesting thing about it is the pavilion.” Bexhill-on-Sea is a small seaside town in East Sussex. The people you meet on the street tend to be either incredibly young or incredibly old: eternally idling teenagers or retired couples on seaside promenades. There are a few crumbling hotels on the seafront. And there’s the pavilion. Built to resemble a great ocean liner, the De La Warr Pavilion is one of the most significant modernist buildings in Britain. Its clean lines and strong geometric shapes bear no compromise, and almost 80 years after it was built it still strikes you as a slice of pure artistic vision.


Gotham state of mind: what do comics tell us about cities?

‘The defining characteristic of Gotham must be that there is always crime’ … Batman.Photograph: dc.wikia.comRaised in New York, fed by newspapers and nourished by urban life, comics tell the secrets of cities … and of those of us who live in them....Continue Reading> via Th ...

Company Profile


Adaptive City

bustler.netMonday 15 September 2014, @20:00pmLocation:YardAward winner MoMa PS1 in 2014 for young architects David Benjamin of cities that can adapt to the environment in real time.Register> via ...

9/11 did not transform the world

Getty Images/File 2013One World Trade Center, seen from the Brooklyn Promenade, was built on the site of the Sept. 11 attacks in New York.Like EveryNew Yorker I remember Sept. 11, 2001, like it happened yesterday.There was the feeling of utter disbelief when I turned on the television that morning t ...

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