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c. anjalendran
Sri Lanka

Anjalendran did his architectural B.Sc in Sri Lanka (1973), and completed his post-graduate diploma (1976) and a research masters (1979) in spatial morphology at University College London. Returning to Sri Lanka, he next practiced architecture off his mother’s veranda, but did errands of apprenticeship for the grandmaster of Sri Lankan contempo... / More

2014 MAD Travel Fellowship Presentation


On Nov.20th, 2014, MAD Architects held its “2014 Travel Fellowship Presentation” in its Beijing office. The five finalists shared their stories of "architecture in travel" to over 60 audiences. MAD Travel Fellowship founder Ma Yansong, architecture critic Bao Pao, and MAD principal partner Dang Qun attended the presentation.

MAD Architects launched “Travel Fellowship” in 2009. Each year, five Chinese students who study in mainland China are selected and sponsored by MAD to have their overseas trips and conduct research on chosen architectural topics. Only through heart-felt travel experience can one understand the architecture in its full context. This is also what MAD Travel Fellowship wishes for young architects: to understand contemporary design that is already co-existing with local traditions.

This year, the five finalists respectively chose Greece, Japan, France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy as their destinations. For these young architects, the overseas trips would be great extracurricular activities for their architecture education.

Fang xiaoyang. Undergraduate, Zhejiang University. Destination: Japan
Japanese culture is considered as one of the modernism origins by John Cage and other modernism advocates. Through this trip Fang hoped to explore this origin that has influenced western architecture structure system. In his eyes, the crowds in Tokyo are in fact orders under disorders and compositions of “emptiness.” Modern architectures exist with multiple meanings but no boundaries and echo existed ancient architectures. Maybe this is the modern orientalism Fang is looking for.

Zhang Boxuan. Undergraduate, Tsinghua University. Destination:France
In Paris through Hemingway's words and the magic of primitive art, Zhang realized how pressure and "hunger" can urge creativity. The chimera statues in Notre Dame de Paris inspired him to think about the narrativity in architecture. When his doubt ont the meaning of travelling finally met with his later realization of the connections between Le Corbusier and post-modernism, Zhang realized that human's noble dreams never change.

Sun Wei. Undergraduate, Tianjin University. Destination:Italy
Sun thinks Italy is similar with China to some extent: both confronting integration and challenges from modern architecture after their own ancient architecture culture was fully established. Then, what does Italy do? She tried to interpret the integration between new and old, modern and ancient architectures in Italy, and to explore what we can do further and how to find the spirit connections between ancient and contemporary architectures.

Wei Tao. Central Academy of Fine Arts. Destination:Greece
To Wei, to find out how we can be touched by space is one of the goals for architecture trips. We might be touched by a familiar architecture, or by a random encounter somewhere on the road. During the trip, Wei was impressed by Acropolis of how it expresses eternity. How people living in Aegean Sea to express their daily life emotions through architectures. As a carrier for life and art for material space, architecture has its own unique way of expression.

Ma Sai. Tongji University. Destination: Switerland,Germany.
To see and study the architectures of Peter Zumthor from his earlier stage is Ma's goal for this trip. Through personal experiences of the environments, materials, spaces and details, Ma had a better understanding of the connections of related elements, as well as the details that Zumthor's been paying attention to when he created the ambience.

Ma Yansong, Bao Pao and Dang Qun commented on each presentation. At last, Ma Yansong concluded: We need to be open, sincere, "blank" and sensitive to find our own feelings when traveling. In our daily life, we also need to keep being sensitive to every detail in our life, and to find a space for our soul.

2015 Travel Fellowship continues in May, 2015.

All Images © MAD

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Lewis Baltz, Photographer of American Landscapes, Dies at 69

Lewis Baltz, Photographer, Dies at 69 CreditCourtesy of Gallery Luisotti Lewis Baltz, whose caustic but formally beautiful black-and-white images of parking lots, office parks, industrial garage doors and the backs of anonymous warehouses helped forge a new tradition of American landscape photograph ...

Preservation, Infrastructure, And The Museology Of Crime

Image:David Gissen, "Cross-Bronx Expressway," with Victor Hadjikyriacou; from Landscape Futures.In case you're reading this near Ithaca, New York, I thought I'd mention that I'll be speaking at a conference this weekend at Cornell, called Spolia: Histories, Spaces, and Processe ...

Albert Einstein Academy Charter Middle School opens in San Diego


Photo credit:Mike Torrey Photography

Studio E Architects is pleased to announce the grand opening of Albert Einstein Academies (AEA) newest facility at 458 26th Street in the Grant Hill neighborhood in San Diego, California. On September 2 this new charter Middle School (AEACMS) opened its doors to 475 enrolled students. At maximum capacity the school will be home to 600 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. This is Albert Einstein Academies’ second campus. Their charter elementary school remains at their existing location at 3035 Ash Street, a few miles NE of the new middle school.

The school was designed by Studio E Architects, who took a long vacant and dilapidated former convalescent hospital and transformed it into a vibrant place of learning. The 38,000sf, 4-story building contains 20 daylight-filled classroom spaces along with a variety of support spaces including specialty labs, offices and informal gathering areas. The state-of-the-art renovation was completed within 9 months for a construction cost of $3.6 million. That’s an impressive $95/sf.

Says David Sciarretta, AEA Executive Director, "We are thrilled with our new building. The design is a direct support for our students' achievement and for fostering a well-balanced community of learners and leaders."


Sarah McEneaney: ’Studio Living’ and Hannah Wilke:’Selected Work 1963-1990’

Sarah McEneaney’s 2013 painting “Every Day,” at the Tibor de Nagy gallery.CreditCourtesy of the artist and Tobor de Nagy GallerySarah McEneaney’s paintings resemble art-savvy folk art. But they are also abstractions in which intense planes of color define boxy shapes and plun ...

Seni lukis kontemporer untuk mempercantik desain bangunan modern

Seni lukis Kontemporer dalam perkembangan dan sejarahnyanya yang terpengaruh dampak modernisasi, dapat menjadi inspirasi untuk mempercantik dekorasi desain interior maupun desain eksterior.Beberapa pelukis kenamaan seperti Parker James dari Australia yang ikut memberi andil dalam pengembangan konsep ...

Seni lukis kontemporer untuk mempercantik desain bangunan modern

Seni lukis Kontemporer dalam perkembangannya yang terpengaruh dampak modernisasi, dapat menjadi inspirasi untuk mempercantik desain interiormaupun desain eksterior.Beberapa pelukis kenamaan seperti Parker James dari Australia yang ikut memberi andil dalam pengembangan konsep lukisan kontemporer abst ...

Architecture and Landscape in Norway - Collector’s Edition


Ken Schluchtmann Sognefjellet II, 2010
Passionate photographers can find - together with the book - a limited Collector's Edition with C-prints. 5 prints, available either individually or as a set, “with the most fascinating landscapes of Europe” as Schluchtmann defines Norway. Including the prize-winning image of the viewing terraces by Norwegian architecture firm Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter.
At the Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards photographer Ken Schluchtmann was named Architecture Photographer of the Year two times in a row. After the nomination in 2012, in 2013 he once again won over the jury, composed of architects, journalists, and critics, with a spectacular photograph of the viewing platform in Trollstigen by the Norwegian architect Architekten Reiulf Ramstat.

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